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Powdered Resins

A vast array of products when durability is of concern...


  • compression molding resin for hard plastic school furniture and dishware
  • upgrading bond quality of plywood and chip board glue used in exterior applications
  • post forming resins for paper, cloth, cellulosic fiber
  • fiberglass mat impregnation resin

LRBG Chemicals melamine powdered resins produce a final product that is durable, waterproof, solvent resistant and heat, flame and fire resistant.

When extra glue line strength is needed...


  • truck flooring
  • binder for diamond wheel abrasives
  • cargo container flooring
  • laminated wood structures

When a strong and flexible wood joint adhesive is required, LRBG Chemicals melamine-urea powdered resins are the products to choose. They are designed for high water and solvent resistance, as well as superior adhesive quality.

As binders in diamond wheels used to cut and bevel glass, our melamine-urea powdered resin is unsurpassed. The resin gives the abrasive a consistency that allows for a more even wear, and a durability that lengthens the useful life of the cutting wheel.

A proven wood adhesive used worldwide...


  • wood shop glue
  • glue for furniture joints
  • glue for plywood, particleboard and veneers
  • binder for foundry core and sand
  • binder for plant fertilizer

LRBG Chemicals urea powdered resins were initially developed as wood adhesives with superior strength and water resistance. These resins can be used in cold press or hot press glues. Their consistency, long shelf life and flexibility make them ideal in formulating adhesives.