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Advantages to Using Powdered Resins
Our customers know value means more than just the purchase price of a product. They look to us to help them reduce their operating costs. We do so by providing a product that helps our customers' people and processes operate more efficiently, which creates more effective results and increases their productivity. Our outstanding, personalized customer service is also key to maximizing our customers' returns.

This increase in productivity results from the following advantages of using powdered resins instead of liquid resins.
No Waste
Melamine and urea powdered resins have a long and stable shelf life, from a minimum of six months, up to one year from the date of manufacture. This long shelf life means that there is less pressure on a company to order exact amounts of resins, so that unexpected changes in production volumes can be accommodated with little or no waste.

With powdered resins, the user mixes only as much as is needed at one tiime, which results in very little waste. With liquid resins, however, any left over resin ages and deteriorates quickly, resulting in wasted products.
Efficient Processes
Powders allow for a variety of packaging, such as poly-lined bags, fibre drums or super sacks. We can match our package weights and sizes with our customers' process needs. In addition, because resin powders are 100% solids, our customers are not paying to ship water, as they would if they were using liquid resins.
Increased Productivity
Because powdered resins are much more resistant to factors like aging and climate conditions than liquid resins, users can count on the consistency and stability of the resins. Adjustments in processes are few. Therefore, operations that use powdered resins flow smoothly and efficiently, resulting in a more accurate and effective product.

If a powdered resin spills, it is localized and therefore easily cleaned up and disposed. The users experience a minimum of downtime. Liquids, however, could quickly spread, causing an environmental hazard and excessive downtime.

All customer calls are handled personally for prompt action by our Customer Support Group.

Our customers' order patterns are used to control resin inventory and avoid customer supply interruptions.

Besides powder resin quality, package weight and package type are monitored to eliminate customer handling concerns. LRBG Chemicals, Inc offers a variety of packages, from 25 lbs to 2000 lbs, to meet customer needs.

At LRBG Chemicals, Inc our specialty is spray-drying. Whether it's our own liquid resin or a customer's special project, we take the time to spray-dry it correctly and have the powder fit for use.